Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Are we “Bacon” you Hungry?

Maybe you think of it as a simple breakfast side dish or a burger topping. Maybe you’ve ventured outside these boundaries and turned it into an hor d'oeuvre or a dessert. Whatever the case, it’s undeniable that America loves bacon.
I mean, consider the numbers.
The typical American meat-eater consumes roughly 18 pounds of bacon a year. Translated to the whole of the nation, that’s over 5.6 BILLION pounds devoured in total.
So clearly, our collective love affair with bacon is pretty serious. Here at Grand Champion Meats, it goes without saying we’re fans - and that’s why, all last month, we’ve been celebrating the joys of bacon with special deals!
Before we get into all of that, did you know…
  • Of the roughly 5 billion pounds of bacon eaten in the US each year, approximately 1.7 billion are consumer in restaurants.
  • Bacon contains a property called umami - a certain food quality so appealing, it actually triggers neurological responses in our brains, making us crave more.
  • The recipe for a bacon cologne (yes, you read that correctly) was created by a French chemist in 1920.
  • Bacon is nearly ancient; in fact, there’s evidence of the Chinese salting and curing strips of pork circa 1500 BC.
  • Studies show that pregnant women who make bacon part (not all) of their diets tend to have healthier pregnancies and deliver more robust children.
  • 53% of all American households claim to have bacon waiting in their refrigerators at all times.
So, that’s a snapshot of some of the more unknown qualities of America’s favorite breakfast meat. There’s a lot more to be found - I mean, these days, bacon even has it’s very own television programming.
Here at Grand Champion Meats, we’re ready to help you get your bacon fix, here are 11 types of bacon we make. You can choose from:
*Hickory Smoked Bacon
*Pepper Bacon
*Beef Bacon
*Homestyle Cottage Bacon
*Thick Sliced Bacon
*Apple Cinnamon Bacon
*Raspberry Chipotle Bacon
*Honey Glazed Bacon
*Maple Bacon
Got a style of bacon that’s a particular favorite? Anything you do differently with bacon that you’d like to share? Leave us a comment and tell us about it!