Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Turkey Alternatives for the Holidays

For holiday and winter meals, no other food comes to mind more prominently than a large roast turkey, but a turkey meal doesn’t satisfy every appetite. Whether you want to experiment during the holidays, diversify your palette, or if you are facing dietary restrictions, look to the options below for alternatives to turkey meals.

Turkey Alternatives

  • Pork Roast Experiment with marinades and glazes or use classic seasonal additions like apples and cinnamon to enhance the flavors of the meat and to keep the feel of a Thanksgiving feast. For those unfamiliar with preparing pork roast, visit this great guide.
  • Beef Stew Nothing says hearty and soulful like a comforting bowl of beef stew. Make this classic recipe, and you will be reminiscing for childhood nights of piping hot beef stew. Serve to your big group, and this meal will be a hit.
  • Beef Wellington This English classic is sure to impress and satisfy your guests over the holidays. It’s easier to make than it looks and will add some wonderful variety to your meal. Try this recipe from Gordon Ramsey.
  • Roast Ham Classic, delicious, and perfect for holiday gatherings, a roast ham just needs someone with some finesse and flair to carve this Christmas classic. Experiment with this Honey-Bourbon Glazed Ham or this Cranberry Glazed Roast Ham.
  • Pasta Dishes Try an alfredo pasta dish with with chicken or fresh sausage with your favorite marinara dish. Grand Champion Meats meatballs also make a great addition to classic spaghetti recipes.

Whether you are sticking to the classic turkey or you are looking to branch out with a different main dish, Grand Champion Meats offers the freshest, best tasting meat options. Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions on your holiday meals. Let’s be honest, your cooking reputation is on the line!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bacon Delivered to Your Front Door!

Bacon... Delivery?.png

Did you know that you can have bacon delivered right to your front door? If you want we can pinch you because you are not dreaming! With Bacon Scouts, you can order from a variety of bacon flavors and other delicious meat choices from Grand Champion Meats!

We all know life gets busy, so being able to order food over the Internet can be a game changer! By using this delivery service, you will be able to comfortably order some of your favorite meats from your smartphone in the palm of your hands or on your laptop.
Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 11.21.18 PM.png

You’re probably wondering, “How could this system get any better?” Well, right now if you buy 2 lbs or more of bacon from Grand Champion Meats' Foley location, your order will receive FREE SHIPPING!

If you are unfamiliar with Bacon Scouts, you simply must check it out! Live in Chicago? They’ll get you your Bacon. On vacation in Wisconsin? They’ll send meat snack sticks right to you! They will provide you the convenience of delivered meat no matter where you live in the United States! Also, you can filter your search to meet your desired requirements so you can find the right flavor, spiciness, or smokiness in your custom order!

From bacon cheddar swiss brats to thick cut hickory smoked bacon, we assure you that you will be satisfied with your order! Just think of how much better your bacon will taste when your order comes right to your door. And remember, 2 lbs of Bacon will taste even better when you realize didn’t have to pay extra for shipping!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Grand Champion Meats Maintain Champion Status

We are proud to share the news; for the second consecutive year, Grand Champion Meats
been announced as the recipients of the Grand Champion award! The award was given out at
the 75th Annual Minnesota Meat Processors Convention put on by the Minnesota Association of
Meat Processors (MAMP) that was held in St. Cloud March 13-14th. The MAMP is a network of
Minnesota companies with an interest in the meat industry. The MAMP network is “designed to
aid in new technology development, further education, and maintain viability of the meat industry as a whole."

Grand Champion Meats has won the Reserve Grand Champion 2015 award for Uncooked
Fresh Pork Sausage Item and for Cooked Summer Sausage. The 2015 Grand Champion award
was for our Wieners and Cooked Non-Fermented Summer Sausage.

Another proud award recipient is our very own Teri Jo Parker! Teri has captured the gold for the
second year in a row by placing 1st for the Innovative Pork award. This award is judged upon its
appearance, edibility/flavor, and creativity/marketability. Teri did excellent in all three areas and
we are delighted and take great pride in our employees like Teri.

Additionally, our Crosslake location is now open for the season and is ready to serve you! Stop
by for the same award winning flavors. While you’re at it, grab yourself some free samples!
Crosslake is currently open Thursday through Sunday, however, beginning May 11, 2015 the
store will be open seven days a week! So be ready to fire up the grills and let the smell of fresh
cooked beef fill the air!

For more information, visit our website at