Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Turkey Alternatives for the Holidays

For holiday and winter meals, no other food comes to mind more prominently than a large roast turkey, but a turkey meal doesn’t satisfy every appetite. Whether you want to experiment during the holidays, diversify your palette, or if you are facing dietary restrictions, look to the options below for alternatives to turkey meals.

Turkey Alternatives

  • Pork Roast Experiment with marinades and glazes or use classic seasonal additions like apples and cinnamon to enhance the flavors of the meat and to keep the feel of a Thanksgiving feast. For those unfamiliar with preparing pork roast, visit this great guide.
  • Beef Stew Nothing says hearty and soulful like a comforting bowl of beef stew. Make this classic recipe, and you will be reminiscing for childhood nights of piping hot beef stew. Serve to your big group, and this meal will be a hit.
  • Beef Wellington This English classic is sure to impress and satisfy your guests over the holidays. It’s easier to make than it looks and will add some wonderful variety to your meal. Try this recipe from Gordon Ramsey.
  • Roast Ham Classic, delicious, and perfect for holiday gatherings, a roast ham just needs someone with some finesse and flair to carve this Christmas classic. Experiment with this Honey-Bourbon Glazed Ham or this Cranberry Glazed Roast Ham.
  • Pasta Dishes Try an alfredo pasta dish with with chicken or fresh sausage with your favorite marinara dish. Grand Champion Meats meatballs also make a great addition to classic spaghetti recipes.

Whether you are sticking to the classic turkey or you are looking to branch out with a different main dish, Grand Champion Meats offers the freshest, best tasting meat options. Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions on your holiday meals. Let’s be honest, your cooking reputation is on the line!